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Dazer : the ultrasonic dog deterrent

A Dazer is a Dazer is a Dazer
They might call it a dog chaser, a dog whistle, a device against aggressive dogs, a sender with a high frequency signal or an instrument to stop dogs from barking and biting.

Dazer serves several markets
The perfect aid for everyone afraid of dogs and ideal for people with dogs.

Dazer against dogfear
One press of the button and the unfriendly dog will retreat or make a detour. With the Dazer you can avoid dog bite injuries.

Dazer stops barking dogs
A Dazer is very suitable to decrease the barking of your dog. Friendliness in the neighboorhood will increase as a result.

Dazer is cheap
Because you can use your Dazer for years on end the costs are less than one eurocent pro signal.

Dazer your best friend
The pleasure you will derive from your Dazer will make it your best or second-best friend.

Dazer always within reach
Wherever you travel, cycle or walk, with a Dazer in your pocket you will feel more comfortable.

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