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Dazer: facts

DazerII Occasionally everyone will encounter aggressive dogs. With the pocket-sized hand held Dazer, you can keep any unwanted annoying dog away without being audible to the human ear, and what is more important, with a Dazer within reach you can have a walk, cycle, jog, see your friends, go for a stroll around the block or visit a nice town or place in your holidays, completely without fear.

For many people an aggressive dog will evoke extreme feelings of fear. Unfortunately many people suffer from fear of dogs. In the Netherlands approximately 16.000 people receive treatment for dog bites per year. That is one person out of every thousand. As a matter of fact the most dangerous animal for human beings is better known as his best friend.

It is no longer necessary to be scared of dogs: the Dazer helps to maintain a safe zone around the user and the Dazer stops scary dogs chasing people. With the Dazer you will be able to keep the dogs under control. After hearing the sound of the Dazer, the dog retreats and you can continue going your way. Even the most fearful dog turns into a timid dog by hearing the Dazer.

The Dazer is a technically advanced and durable design. By pressing the button the Dazer emits a high frequency sound heard by dogs and cats, but is harmless and barely perceptible by humans. Audible up to 10 to 15 meters, it is most effective and discomforting at 2 to 7 meters. The Dazer weighs 130 grams, is made of durable lightweight ABS plastic and has a handy clip for fitting to a belt or pocket. The Dazer is pocket-sized and can be hand held. The 9 volt alkaline battery is good for more than 1000 sound bursts of 1 or 2 seconds and will last 2 or 3 years or even longer The Dazer itself will give you pleasure for many years on end.

The Dazer is the ideal dog deterrent for walkers, joggers, cyclists, birdwatchers. But also for postmen, meter-readers, policemen, bailiffs, vets, GP's, real estate agents and the gardener. Also handy for all dog-owners. The Dazer enables the user to correct the behavior of the dog and stop it from barking excessively. And, using the Dazer, you can also chase a cat out of the garden when it is going after young birds in spring. All our customers are very positive about the Dazer. The sound is physically harmless to animals when used properly, but don't trouble good dogs and cats unnecessarily.

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