Dogs - signed by Tim Barrance
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How to order

You can order your Dazer(s) by making a payment of € 38,50 plus delivery costs.

We only sending Dazer(s) to adresses in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

The Dazer is only sent to private individuals and therefore not to companies.

Delivery costs:

  • € 6,95 destinations in The Netherlands.
  • € 14,65 destinations in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

Please contact us for postal rates when ordering more than 5 Dazers.

Please order as follows:

  1. Make sure your order-form is completed.
  2. Click on send to let us know of your order.
  3. A confirmation will be e-mailed to you directly after we have received your order form.
  4. The order confirmation will state the amount and the bank account to transfer the money to.
  5. Your Dazer(s) will be send to you by registered mail on the same day as we have received your payment.
  6. Prior to shipment we e-mail you to confirm dispatch of your Dazer(s).